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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a combination of science and mysticism. It’s a spiritual path in which sexual love is a sacrament. In the Tantric view, all life and every aspect of creation, including sexuality, is celebrated and held as sacred. Probably, the most common view, in the western world, is that Tantra is connected to Eastern religion, with uninhibited sex and lovemaking positions (as in the Kama Sutra). To some, Tantra is about free loving; to others, it’s New Age sex therapy. None of these views are wrong…but, it’s much more. Tantra is a spiritual path in which we strive to be totally present and aware of the energy of every moment. Tantra becomes a way of life, a way to a more joyful and harmonious life. Ultimately, it’s about spiritual awakening.

The Tantric goal in lovemaking is to achieve a state where opposites cease to exist…where there is no duality. This creates a state of bliss and unity. There are 2 forms of energy involved – the energy of intimacy and the energy of sexual passion. When these two energies combine, there is ecstatic mutual love energy, and the couple can more easily surrender to something greater than their individual egos. Tantric sex involves a commitment to a spiritual ideal, and then the lovers move from seeking fulfillment to a celebration of fulfillment.

The coiled Kundalini is the female energy existing in latent form in every human being at the base of the spine. This powerful energy waits to be launched on an upward trajectory towards the head by yoga, polarity work, breathwork or by the practice of Tantric lovemaking or ritual. When this serpent power is awakened, it stretches upward reaching for the topmost center, the crown. When this is accomplished, one is supremely conscious and suffused with the nectar of bliss and at one with all other beings and the universe itself.

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cover image from Tantric Spirit book