Do you want to live your life with more awareness,
more love, more harmony and joy?

Maybe you are a Tantric Spirit.

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The practice of tantra involves every moment of our lives; it is a path of conscious living. The tantric approach is complete involvement in life. It is not an ascetic path. There are no taboos. There is no separation between your spiritual life and your daily life. Tantra has been called the path of indulgence. This might be true, but it only works with conscious awareness. It’s not about changing how you live; it’s about becoming conscious of the energy of every single moment. It is not that you suddenly wake up to a magical world; but, by developing a certain sensitivity, you are exposed to a different state of being. You can learn how to develop this sensitivity.

Tantric Spirit, Living the Path of Tantra by Joan Michaels is a must for anyone who is interested in achieving a more joyful, harmonic life. Learn how to keep your life in balance and to attune yourself to the energy of the moment. Learn a step-by-step ancient Tibetan Tantric Ritual, which when done correctly, will result in an energization of the entire body resulting in total cosmic orgasm.

If you and your partner are looking for a new sexual adventure, Tantric sex might be just the thing you’re looking for. Everyone is capable of having tantric sex, and once experienced, there’s no going back. You will deepen your relationship; and, on the physical level, there is a spark that will exist between you and your partner all the time. Tantric sex is wonderous, exhilarating, and liberating for both body and soul.

From a book review in the New Age Journal:  “From beginning to end, Michaels fascinates the reader with insightful thoughts on Tantra and how it can bring couples together in a more intimate and meaningful relationship, how it can increase overall sensitivity and awareness and how it can help you and your partner have an exhilarating sex life.  The book is a friendly and approachable guide to getting the fullest experience from every one of life’s moments. It is for anyone wishing to explore a pathway that encompasses spirituality and sensuality to expand their daily life experience. From clearing your chakras through shielding, to Tantric ritual, Michaels covers each aspect of the Tantric arts with a refreshing sensitivity that is irresistible.”  Review by Corinna Underwood, New Age Journal